PTSD Treatment Indore
PTSD Treatment Indore

PTSD Treatment in Indore

Post-traumatic stress disorder known as PTSD is a mental illness. It can come after some traumatic event happened to the person by which he could have faced near-death or got threatened with death or there may be some serious injury and some sexual abuse faced by the person. This disorder can happen to both the person who feels the situation or sees it. When a person sees or experiences some tragic or traumatic event then the brain gets overwhelmed and stores the memories in the ‘immediate action part’ instead of the normal place. These illnesses do not occur in everyone. It can usually happen with the person with the weak heart or if he or she has some feeling attached.


  • Flashback of the misfortunate event.
  • Intrusive memories in which you have no control over.
  • Nightmares related to the event.
  • Distress when contacting with the thing which reminds of the event.
  • Feeling trouble sleeping.
  • Frustration.
  • Feeling watchful.

Dr. Shreemit Maheshwari, a respected psychiatrist in Indore, offers exemplary PTSD treatment with compassion and expertise. Through personalized approaches integrating therapy and medication, Dr. Maheshwari empowers individuals to overcome trauma’s grip. His dedication transforms lives, providing solace and healing for those seeking PTSD treatment in Indore.