Motivational Interviewing in Indore
Motivational Interviewing in Indore

Feeling inferior, low and upset are some serious problems that can destroy one’s inner peace and make an impact for a long time, which may result in unproductiveness in other departments of life. People addicted to gambling, addiction, smoking, and alcohol also feel a lack of confidence in their potential which will encourage them into ways that have dead ends. For such issues, the psychiatrist does motivational training, in which he guides the person to the right paths, motivates him, and encourages him to find his confidence back. Starting with accepting himself as normal, a person eventually meets his inner potential through the treatment.

Benefits of motivational interviewing:

  • The person can get his lost confidence back.
  • The person will meet his inner potential.
  • The person will accept himself as he is.
  • The person will focus on the right path.
  • The person will start to believe in himself.