Supportive Psychotherapy in Indore
Supportive Psychotherapy in Indore

Self-esteem, ego, pride, sympathy can be helpful to the person only if they are being kept within the limits. But, if any of them goes above the limit, it will create damage to the person psychic, which ultimately leads the person to its ill effects such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Supportive psychotherapy is a treatment done by the psychotherapist to help the person to cope with practical ways to the stressful situation and helps him to maintain and restore or improve self-esteem, ego, and adaptive skills.

Benefits of Supportive Psychotherapy: 

  • It helps the person to win over ego, self-esteem, and anxiety.
  • It creates a good-relation between people around you.
  • It encourages you to be more rational.
  • It makes you find your inner-self.