A Dialogue is always necessary between anybody to let the things run smooth. Words can do such a magic which nothing can does. Talking in a psychological way, many common diseases affecting women’s health can be moderated or controlled by “behavior change.” However, promoting changes in a patient’s dietary habits, alcohol use, or sexual practices usually is daunting to the obstetrician–gynecologist. The practice of motivational interviewing is emerging as an effective and efficient catalyst for behavior change. Motivational interviewing tactics have been successfully used within the clinical setting to promote weight reduction, dietary modification, exercise, and smoking cessation, thus having a potential profound impact on heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. Prompting patients to use safe sex practices and to use contraception more consistently also has been achieved through motivational interviewing techniques

Here are the Importance of Motivational Interveiwng: –

  • Help you get the lost confidence back.
  • Help youmeet the inner potential.
  • Help you accept itself as you are.
  • Help you focus on the right path.
  • Help you develop self-belief.

So, that’s how motivational interviewing helps a person’s psyche to grow in the right direction. I will recommend you to find a consultant psychiatrist in Indore and tell him or her your problems straight away because mental health is everything.