How Bad Intimate Time Leads to Psychological Issues

The feeling of intimacy is natural & since we all are made from this, we can’t consider this and talking about this as a taboo. And because of this taboo thought we don’t discuss about this and there are more of these kind of issues increases.

There are multiple reasons for low intimacy feeling or issues related to intimate health, but majority of the intimate health issues, expect genetic issues others have a link to the mind. And it can be treated with the treatment of mind too. You can consult a good Sexologist in Indore for the purpose, tell him or her about the issues.

Intimate health issues related to mind: –

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Less orgasm
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Post mature ejaculation

Human’s sexual feeling changes from time to time. Some incidents can boost or some incidents can decrease the sex will. A person needs to visit the Psychiatrist in Indore and tell him the issues so that on time he can start the treatment.  So, discuss about your intimate health, don’t be shy because that’s an important part of your life….

Thank you!