5 Modern Day Reasons for Stress

Constantly Being Disconnect
We are constantly connected with our smartphones, TV or gaming consoles so we forget about the life outside or the real world. As the technology is advancing, we are running away from the reality to the virtual world. This alone can plant a seed of depression in people for the future.

 Hiding Real Self
We always want to look good to other, no matter how we are feeling. Some people, because of social media feels trapped in maintaining their good image. They have to show to the people that everything is good in their life, they hide their real emotions and problems which took them away from their real self. Ignoring the real problems will ultimately result in depression and stress.

Not Prioritising
Along with trying to do too much, there’s a shortage of prioritising things, leading to be pulled in different directions in life without a real focus, goal, or purpose. This can result in feeling of lack of achievement or accomplishment.

Poor and/or Infrequent Stress-Release Mechanisms
Because of bad choices stress has become inevitable part of a human life. And to reduce the stress people make another bad choice, is thinking that drinking alcohol, and having a shot of caffeine or sugar, eating fatty comfort foods will improve their condition. But these things affect their health negatively.

Air pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution…everywhere we turn there’s a constant source of stimulation in a negative way. Our physical and psychological wellbeing are badly affected by it.

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