Cognitive Behavior Therapy Indore (CBT)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Indore (CBT)

Based on the model of the cognitive triad of self, world, and future. This therapy form is one of the most commonly used in Psychiatric practice. This is a structured therapy that uses collaboration between the patient and the therapist. Many people get so attached to certain tasks, that they start to overthink them, which results in shifting focus from the task and filling your mind with negative thoughts. That’s how the human mind works, when a person starts to overthink about certain tasks, wishes, or people, they create a sense of attachment from them and with the entry of attachment, the person tries to defend it from a loss and which later on, converts into fear, anxiety and take a final face of stress and depression. This ultimately turns into a bigger loss, as he loses his peace of mind and his mind diverts into “protection mode” than “work mode”. For such issues, the Psychiatrist does Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In this theory, the therapist will ask you to provide evidence for the thought and against the thought and then help you to have a clear view of the situation of both sides. Many psychiatric problems are aided with the help of CBT.

Effects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

  • You will have a balanced view of the situation.
  • You will learn acceptance.
  • You will be more focused on the tasks.
  • You will see things beyond profit and loss.
  • You will not fear loss.

You will feel more determined at the end of the therapy