Group Therapy in Indore
Group Therapy in Indore

Group therapy is a therapy in which a group of people with the same type of issues get together under the guidance of the therapist. In this therapy, every person in the group discusses their problems which will help you know about the struggles of other patients, their mindset, and their choices. You can figure out that you also followed the same path, which the other person has followed. This will help you have a clearer view of your situation and you may get ways to fight back.

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • It helps the person to have a clear view of his mistakes.
  • It helps the person to analyze his problems compared to others.
  • It helps the person to accept the past and move to the present.
  • It helps the person to learn acceptance.
  • It helps the person to adopt a more positive approach towards his problem.

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