A Common Condition that Triggers Headache

Screen time

Sometimes patterns emerge within view which will trigger headaches. Scientists have studied patterns with tightly grouped lines and located that these may provoke migraines in some people. Other studies have suggested that wearing lightly tinted glasses can ease this discomfort, which can be provoked by watching lines of text, as an example.


Dehydration is one of the foremost commonly reported headache triggers. And it is often easy to slide into sometimes. confirm to drink mostly water, and to drink anytime you are feeling thirsty. If you regularly go without water for long periods, try taking an opportunity every two hours to ask yourself if you are feeling thirsty.

Weather changes

Changes within the weather can cause migraine symptoms in some people. To prove this, scientists compared the year-long headache diaries of 100 German people to weather charts. They found that migraine cases are influenced by the weather about 13% of the time, which they thought was an underestimate. a number of these people experienced migraine more often when air pressure fell, others when it rose

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