Harmful Impacts of Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. People with addiction (severe substance use disorder) have an intense craving to use a certain substance(s), such as alcohol or drugs, to the point that it takes over their lives. They keep using alcohol or a drug even when they know it will cause adverse effects on their health. Although it is difficult to overcome addiction, several effective treatments are available and people can recover from addiction and lead normal and healthy lives. Here are some negative effects of addiction:

  • Addiction can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of disease and infection.
  • Injected drugs can cause heart problems ranging from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks collapsed veins and blood vessel infections.
  • Addiction can cause nausea and abdominal pain, which can also lead to changes in appetite and weight loss.
  • Increased strain on the liver, which puts the person at risk of significant liver damage or liver failure
  • Seizures, stroke, mental confusion and brain damage
  • Lung disease
  • Problems with memory, attention, and decision-making, which make daily living more difficult

Drugs can have negative effects on the body, such as breast development in men and an increase in body temperature, which can lead to other health problems.

Addiction needs to get rid of at the earliest and proper psychiatric care and medication will help you get rid of addiction. I recommend you to search for a Psychiatrist in Indore for that purpose.