Psychiatrists and Psychologists: what’s the difference?

Difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologists.

There always stays a common dilemma between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Though they are different from each other, still they have a few things in common including their profession’ initial names they both do treatment with the motive of a healthy mental state for the patient, they both are experts in human psychics, they both fight with the most complex instrument in a human, that is, his mind. Learn about the variances between Psychiatrists & Psychologists. Gain insight into mental health treatment options. Prioritize your well-being today!

In this blog, we will clear the common dilemma and find out the actual difference between these two life-changing professions: –

Psychiatrist Psychologist
A psychiatrist is medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment for mental illness.   A psychologist studies mental states, emotional imbalances, the behavior, observing and interpreting individual reactions to each other. Their treatments are non-medical.
A psychiatrist prescribes medication for the treatment. Psychologists can’t prescribe medication for the treatment.
A psychologist can diagnose the patient’s mental illness, provide various therapies, and hold the capability to cure serious mental problems. A psychologist focuses on curing the patient’s problem with the help of psychotherapy, which includes talking and getting into the mind of the person and mentally helps him to cure.

I hope, this differentiates the differences between psychiatrists and psychologists.