What are the Different Types of Psychiatric Disorders?

Psychiatric disorders, also known as mental disorders or mental illness, are certain type of medication condition that directly affects an individual‘s thought process, social behaviour, and most importantly his or her working performance at the workplace. These illnesses affect the overall behavior of a person who is suffering from them. There are many types of psychiatric disorders. The most common psychiatric disorders are.

  1. Anxiety– Anxiety is a very common mental condition where the sufferer is unable to control worries which are out of proportion or unreal.
  2. Depression– Depression is also very one of the most common psychiatric disorders where the victim feels prolonged sadness with the spirit of hopelessness.
  3. Mood disorders– In mood disorders the mood of the patient swings greater than normal mood swings.
  4. Phobias– Phobia is also one of the most common psychiatric disorders where the patient is always fearful about any particular thing or object like hydrophobia where a patient is fearful of water.
  5. Psychotic disorders– Psychotic disorders are a group of mental illnesses that are characterized by psychosis.
  6. Personality disorders- Personality disorders are the disorders that affect the overall personality of a patient.
  7. Substance abuse disorders– In these disorders, patients are abusing any particular substance and he or she cannot remain calm and normal without that substance.
  8. Neurodevelopmental disorders- These are the disorders that change signs and symptoms as the person grows.

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